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Monday, January 30, 2012

RBS chief Stephen Hester waives controversial bonus of nearly £1m


Colin Hall said...

I wonder if RBS boss Stephen Hester is wishing he had taken up playing football at school rather than studying hard to achieve first class honours degrees in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. With wages for professional footballers topping £10m, Mr Hester would be forgiven for feeling a little under-appreciated in his role to return one of the UK's largest hanging investments to profitability.

Watching from the economic stands I can see that rewarding the boss of a state owned bank with shares is by far the best way to ensure his loyalty to the cause. UK Chancellor George Osbourne and the Leader of the Opposition Ed Milliband have [IMHO] shown a short sightedness in siding with press driven public opinion instead of the national best interest. Let's face it, they won't be making such a fuss over Wayne Rooney's pay will they ?

Bluelou said...

When we bail out Manchester United with tax payers money Colin, I will be as equally as rude about him.We have not however cut nurses so he can have a hair transplant.

Colin Hall said...

lol, I get your point Bluelou ;-)