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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Tory party and the DUP. The NI 2010 election.Break out the french fancies and the zombies.

'zombie' by the cranberries

So hear it is:

One thing you should never never do is to give one side of the Northern Irish community more power then the other. It unsettles people and makes them feel like they have nipped into the Tardis for the 1970s.

Obsession with history bedevils Irish society, some of the oldest fortified walls still in use can be found in this country, were other countries have found ways of doing away with their historical battlements, these are still working objects in the static dead weight of a quarrel.

The Tory pact with the DUP and the standing of joint candidates in the 2010 election gives the political equivalent of a nasty burp from stupid pre-agreement days.

Where Paisley senior had his leg felt by Margaret Thatcher over afternoon teas and some Mr. Kipling in number ten, we saw the cosying-up of the DUP and the Tories.

Not since that bowing, unquestioning support of any bit of old tat that went for Thatcher’s pathological law-making in the House of Commons, do we really see the possible return and prospect of once again being arrested for a crate of empty milk bottles.

People’s houses actually being worth something for the first time, because of the cessation of the troubles, gave the less well-off more to lose if things went tits.

The economy has knocked the tooth loose; so it is another Tory government that will loosen still further the fragile peace, and more importantly, the budding cohesion between communities that has tentatively appeared.

But once-big men wish to be big again; and so Cameron is willing to sacrifice the chance of a generation not to witness violence return to the streets of NI.

For a extra bit of meat throughout the lobby.

Above the DUP MLA for South Antrim, Former DUP MP for South Antrim ..singing.