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Monday, November 26, 2007

The past is an alien planet.The village of Muff.

I think the village of muff is loseing out on tourist trade.Its the only place in southern irland,(thats directly north from the walled city over the border in donegal) that you cant even get a postcard, let alone a plastic lepracorn with 'Present from Muff' written on it.This is the post office. The have a festival you know..
Oh yea, and the women in comfi shoes, came and were disapointed.

The past is an alien planet.Two photos from the same beach.

The past is an alien planet

My Mother opened a chair belonging to the house she grew up in.She watched as her own mother plucked these feathers from there chickens.

The past is an alien planet

Two papers on a bar in NI.One the daily Mail the other the irish news.Had to drink guinnis to get over shock.

The past is an alien planet

Day before I left I took this in the park. The next day I would fly to the walled city to attend a family wedding. I was a bit worried, the wedding will cross the religious divide, and many members of the family were still feeling bereaved at the loss of a close relative to me. The walled city airport is tiny, the sunlight disorientated me as we got off the plane, in my memorise of staying hear it always seemed to piss with rain.
The only bloody country to get a positive result out of global warming. The air force is no longer contacted by distressed house wife’s thinking they are seeing UFOs when the sun comes out.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Zombi Donna Summers rips own arm off

This picture was taken of me dressed as a zombi donna summers singing a punk version of 'I feel love' in wich i tore my arm off.Thats what Im holding.I was backed by the kitchen rockers.
There all deff now.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Fanny by gas light

Belle de Jour, utter utter bollox of the first order.

Fanny by gas light

Benazir Bhuttos return.

Fanny By gas light

Musesings, on the politcal wife.

Monday, October 8, 2007