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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Obnoxious local paper reporting

My local paper has run a story in veiled homophobic terms about goings on at the Bristol downs. Hear is the original front page.A former Lord mayor is complaining that the chaps quietly cottageing is a huge danger to society.
The Evening pist has picked this baton up with some very confused reporting about the safely to women at night on the downs because of this.???WTF???


Hear is what I sent the editor of said paper.


Pete said...

Ah, The Evening Post. I love it - it's just so wonderfully, deliberately insular. Local cranks get front-page coverage, major world events are lucky to get a column inch on page 10, if that.

It's homophobic tendencies did lead, years ago to one of the best headlines I've ever seen. Reporting on Aids awareness leaflets and condoms being handed out at a "popular" public toilet, the headline read "Carry on at your convenience". Brilliant.

Anyway, banning sex on the Downs would be like banning tennis at Wimbledon - that's what the place is there for isn't it?

Bluelou said...

Yes indeed, the evening post is an amazing institution. I buy it occasionally as form of sedative. But last nights front page had the reverse effect.
Bristol is quite an intolerant city to its gay population, if two men walked hand in hand beside the docks on an evening stroll, they would be pulverised.
They keep to the designated area, and only a fool would push deep into the bushes with a pram, anywhere.
As for safety, its hard to mug someone when your being given oral sex.

James Barlow said...

I don't agree at all that Bristol is "quite an intolerant city", or indeed an intolerant city at all, whatever that might mean.

I don't recall hearing about gay couples walking in fear in the city. The docks are generally pretty safe for everyone, other than Friday and Saturday evenings which is more to do with alcohol licensing than homophobia.

Bluelou said...

Something I tryed to send back to Barlow.But i was blocked by his blog.
'Tell me in all honesty, have you ever seen a gay male couple walking hand in hand through Bristol; any were, apart from some bushes on the downs in the middle of the night.
Cities I have seen this are Manchester, Brighton and London.
I have mates who were brutally beaten and abused in this city simply for there sexuality.
It’s a very real danger to the chaps.
As for 65 quid for a room, that’s a lot more then is left in a giro after you’re out goings.
Yes your right its not ‘terribly nice’, and is illegal.
So are a lot of things that are tolerated in Bristol.
However, it’s the insane idea that this would heighten the danger to women walking over the downs at night, as a comment made in the Evening Mogadon.
I was under the impression that gay men liked men.? Why print such a load of old cobblers concerning women’s safety.'
Wondering if he will meet me for that coffie